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Monday, 12 August 2013

Sweet Williams Flower Tutorial

Hello crafters,

I will be sharing a tutorial post on how to make a flower from the Cheery Lynn sweet Williams die. The beauty of this versatile die is that one can make 3-4 types of flowers by altering the techniques,here are few pictures-

After some trial-and-error...this is the way I made the flower, I think it almost resembles a marigold bloom The pictures are posted below with the step-by-step instructions...

 You will need:
Sweet Williams die

Step 1
This flower type requires 3 large , 2 2nd largest and 3 small die cuts-

Lightly mist the all the flower shapes with the Mist-ries ink spray with the desired color leaving some white spaces on few of the petals; I have used Citrine Orange here.

Step 2
With the misted side facing the mat emboss each of petals of the largest shape with the molding tool. 

Once done turn the flower over and emboss/cup the flower center as shown in the picture. This will form the base layer

Step 3
Likewise take another shape with the misted side facing up and cup each of the petals with the molding tool. This will form the 2nd layer

Now layer and stick them on the previous die cut in a way that the 1st layer petals overlap the base

Step 4
Take the medium size die cuts and place the tweezers in the centre of each petal and apply firm pressure so that the side edges curl upwards.

Clasp the petal edges with the tweezer and tightly press to form a crease.

This is how the flower shape will show -

Step 5
Layer 3 shapes with the petals overlapping each other.

Step 6
Now finally take the smallest shape and cup the petals as done for the first layer.
Follow the technique as in step 2 for the last 3 smallest shapes.
Place glue into centre of larger petal base flowers add the corresponding layers and press firmly with the end of the molding tool into middle. 

This is how the flower will look, you can also add pollens in the center of the flower . Die Cuts and more has a beautiful collection of pollens at reasonable prices.

And this is how I have used this flower on my Tag-

I would love to know your thoughts on this tutorial so please do drop me a line :)...I will appreciate your suggestions!
Have a great day ahead !

Shachi Sangle


  1. Wow ! Fabbie tute sachi !!superb tag !

  2. AWESOME Tute Sachi!! Way to go girl....

  3. Beautiful...thanks for sharing.

  4. WOnderful tutorial for making lovely flowers Sachi !Your tag is super gorgeous ,fab use of textures and blooms !

  5. lovely tute tempted me to buy this die.

    1. Thanks megha :)its an awesome die to buy !

  6. Thanks for the wonderful pictorial with detailed instructions, Sachi!!

  7. What a fabby tute Sachi ..your flowers look so gorgeous ..Hmm I think now I so need this die too :)..Thank you so much for the tutorial !

    1. Thanks sweetie, it's indeed a must buy die

  8. Really nice.. Thanks for sharing ..

    Would be happy to see you in my blog

  9. Amazing pictorial Shachi Di! Loved your tags ! Gonna buy this die soon! :D

  10. a very well explained tutorial shachi...thanks for the inspiration ..

  11. Very pretty flower the way you have left some areas of flower from mist..great idea..thanks for sharing this tutorial !!


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