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Saturday, 3 August 2013


Hey Pals....
Today has been a very being and lazy day,for me being  down with fever :( But still could not resist myself from playing with my MIST-RIES....Well I am totally head over heels in love with these beauties.... the color being so rich and vibrant and their and their speciality to react with water...oooh my my...they are AWESOME... Well I can go on and on describing these mists...but I guess I should just showcase on my work and let you guys decide .....So this is what i made today

I started with randomly spraying with True Turquoise  in the centre, Then I misted a lil with Topaz Yellow, and Emethyst Purple (Just a lil hint of colors) and then on the corners I misted with Ruby Red. I dried it using my heat it tool...(Impatient me :P) But you can air dry it.The effect remains the same....

I Then sprinkled a few drops of water on the paper to add another texture, AND AS THESE INKS ARE TOTALLY REACTABLE WITH WATER...IT GAVE ME AN AWESOME BACKGROUND. Then I  Stamped the bird image with Sakura Gesso and then randomly stamped a small flower here and there with matching inks. I hope you liked my creation with my inks.
Thanks for dropping in...
And remember na, I am always waiting for your sweet comments :)
Mansi Sharma


  1. Absolutely amazing !! Seriously these mist are gorgeous and I totally loved what you have done with them .

  2. Wow ! Loce love the brightness of the colors of the mists ! N fabbie creation !!

  3. Thats looks so lively , such deep colours ,the birdie looks so elegant !

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  5. WOWWW!! Lovely!!! i soo love the vibrant colours and the mists are just awesome!!

  6. have that magic wand in ur hands. Great work.

  7. Wow.....own mists. Thats a fabulous idea. Cant wait to try them!

  8. lovelyyyy..... Mamsi I really like the White bird effect....its outstanding...n the misters make the whole scene so vibrant n lively...too good :)


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