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Monday, 31 October 2016

DCAM and NEHA With Stencil Review #1

Hello Crafty Friends, today we have DCAM first Guest Designer, bringing you a review of Two of our Two step Stencil Sets. Neha has done a wonderful job, and our design team will be bringing you more of these reviews in just a couple of short weeks. 

Hello Friends,
I am delighted to be here on the blog, today! Some time back Mansi sent me the whole bunch of her new stencils and I was thrilled to see the designs and quality of the product.

They are 8X8 stencils made out of really sturdy material.  Some of them are two step stencils which is very interesting concept. I am going to share my experience using two of them.
One thing I want to point out is – there are two holes at upper left and bottom right corners.

So,when you lay first stencil, mark through both the holes. So when you are overlaying second stencil, just align those two holes on the previous marks which will align the whole design on the previously inked layer.

Let’s talk about first stencil – Tri Elegant . It is a two layer stencil, one layer of solid and other layer of striped triangles. I love geometric patterns. There are so many possibilities with using both or single one of them. I will share few here.


I first sponged grey ink through solid triangle stencil.
I flipped the stencil . This will mask the inked grey area and sponged cracked pistachio .
I flipped the stencil again to have it in original direction and shift a bit sideways and lightly sponged the mermaid lagoon ink. I just love the pattern it creates.
Here I applied coral ink using solid stencil, overlayed striped steicil and sponged picked raspberry ink, flipped the solid stencil and applied grey ink. Is’nt it fabulouse?  There are so many possibilities. You can overlay firt stencil and offset it and use another ink color. You can shift sideways or up down. Each one will create different pattern. You just have to play with it to find the one you like.

Here I have shifted the stencil diagonally in between each inking. Again, the key is to sponge lightly to give the airy, three dimensional look. Check the final card I made using this BG

I kept the rest of the layout simple to let the bg shine. 
 Now, the last one with this stencil...

I masked surrounding area of three triangles with masking tape. I selected three green inks and inked them using lightest green ink. I shifted the stencil ¼ inch downwards and inked those three triangles with medium dark ink. Repeated it for the third time using darkest ink. Check the final product.

Isn’t it simply elegant? Give these a try and let your imagination run wild! There are many options using them with texture paste and heat embossing and what not! But I will leave it to you guys to explore!

The second 2 layer stencil I am using is Moroccan Tiles ! True to its name, it reminds me of the floor and window jaalis you see in many palaces and Middle Eastern inspired architecture.

I simply applied two inks using both stencil and stamped the centres using little darker inks to make it look like tile.
(2)    For the second one I used 1st stencil twice with two different inks.

You can see the middle space is exactly same as the second stencil. So I laid the second stencil which will practically mask the inked area and applied grey ink.

Doesn’t it look like floor? I wish there was third stencil to fill in the tiles with some intricate designs.
(3)    For third variation, I applied yellow ink first.

For second layer, I rotate the stencil at 45 degree and applied blue and pink inks in alternate shapes.  See how it changes the color where it mixes with blue and pink making centres green and orange.
And the last one of the post...

I used single stencil, three times with three different grey inks for monochromatic look.

I hope you are feeling inspired and will give these stencils a try. Thank you so much Mansi for giving me the opportunity to explore this wonderful product of yours!


  1. Wow!!! love the way you have played with the stencils. Mind blowing designs.

  2. Awesome! So graphic, stylish and perfect use of stencils, love them all!

  3. WOW!! Neha what a wonderful way to use these stencils... you have given a different look to these altogether.

  4. Lovely stencils and lovely cards too.. Seeing these stencils in my hand soon..

  5. Oh wow! All cards look so fabulous, thank you for this review :)

  6. Absolutely Fabulous...None can review a product like U...U r the Best dear!!! All cards are looking with such 3D effect...Love the way u played with stencils..

  7. Wonderful post Neha!! Looking forward to use these stencils soon

  8. Neha, you've outdone yourself again! That were great concepts. I've brought some stencils and am waiting to try some of your beautiful ideas. Super!

  9. Just fabulous Neha!! Thanks for the awesome tutorials!!!

  10. Love all the beautiful designs you did with the stencils!!!!

  11. So many Interesting ways to use the stencils ! Thanks a lot for sharing !


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