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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Mist-ries Review

Hello everyone,
This is Tejal, from Creative Expressions here for a guest post on DCAM Challenges. I am here to introduce you the Mist-ries Ink Sprays and give you a small review about it. Since I have started loving doing videos, this is a Video review.

But before that, let me take a moment to thank Mansi for creating such a wonderful product and giving me a chance to try them out. It was super super fun day for me..just playing inking and spritzing!

If you did listen to all that talking and are still with me, Thanks sooo much!! I hope I have been able to give you a brief peek into what these mists are and what you can do. What I have done is just the tip of the ice-berg...the more you play and more you experiment, the more you find ways to use it!!

Just a brief summary of my review points...
6 colors - Vibrant as nothing I've seen!! top marks to it for the sheer neon factor!
Acid free, non toxic - So you can use them on your layouts, journal pages anything.
Works on most surfaces - Most porous surfaces will take ink well...Canvas, Watercolor papers, Wood etc...
The quantity -100 ml - I mean this is a definite plus....most of all the mists that I know..they come in 60 ml bottles. But this is like 100 ml (what I am using in the video is a trial set, not the ones that will come to you. You will be getting these round and 100 ml bottles)
and pocket friendly price!! - I mean isn't this the biggest consideration now? After the fact that dollar has reached sky high!! You can just grab them all at one go!!
Made in India!! - What else do we need? Finally a product that is made in INDIA!!

The only negative I can say about these- There aren't enough colors to play!! I need more!!! :D

Please do not adjust your monitors screen ... the colors are this bright...they're almost Neon...and they're just WOW!!

Here are the tags that I have been playing with in the video and aren't they super super bright? Who needs sunshine on a gloomy cloudy day when you've got such bright colors to play!! (super rhymes!)

So I hope you enjoy my review and You can buy your colors here at the DCAM website. .
And do share your experiments with us at DCAM and have fun misting away!!!


  1. Thanks for the anazing video review tejal !! Total thumbs up !!

  2. Great video. Thats another stamp on the Mist-ries.

  3. Thats indeed an enlightening and a super creative review ! Thanks for sharing ....cheers Sachi

  4. that is one informative post :)

  5. Thanq so much Tejal for the lovely review..and I am really glad that u like my mist ries ....

  6. Waooo....I need to try them now :D

  7. Lovely review, Tejal!! lots of tips...and the tags are just awesome!!

  8. this product is really amazing.. n the colors r jst fab..
    n the review makes it more "WANTED"...:)

  9. Great review.The colours are really bright.Love your tags.

  10. What a well explained review Tejal ,really enjoyed your video ..I love the colors of the Mist ries they are so vibrant !! Your tags are just gorgeous these mist do give such amazing results ..Now I have added it on my wish list too :)

  11. Thank you everyone. I'm glad you all liked the review...and I assure you the colors are just just fab!! :)

  12. this is so amazing tejal maam..:)
    thankyou for the amazing review.. would surely tyr these very soonn...:D :D


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